Washington #77 State-Wide Initiation

On Sunday Sept 23, the day after International Day, Bethel #77 is hosting a state wide initiation at the open air lodge room in the Masonic Family Park, 24310 Mountain Loop Hwy Granite Falls. I have attached the invitation, for time and location, please do not RSVP with candidate information. The Masonic Park is about 36 miles north of the Nile Shrine Centre, so we are already headed in the correct direction to get home. I think this will be very interesting to see and plan on attending. I hope some other BC people will be able to attend.

Allison Reed, Grand Guardian
BC Job’s Daughters

BETHEL #77 INVITES YOU TO TAKE PART IN A joint initiation!
Bethels from across the state are invited to bring their candidates & protems for a post-Summer initiation with Bethel #77!

Location: Masonic Family Park – Outdoor Lodge Room
On: Sunday, Sept. 23rd @11am

  • September 23, 2018
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm