This has been a very busy month! I’ll try to go through it all as quickly as I can, but this may be a long post. Alright, let’s jump straight into it!

Parades were a huge part of this month. We started off parade season at my hometown Mayday Parade. It was an insanely hot day, but it was well worth it! Tons of smiling faces greeted us as
we made our way down the route. The next weekend, we were off to Surrey for the Cloverdale Parade. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had a great time blowing bubbles, sending
out high-fives and promoting our organization! A few days later we made our way to Victoria for the Victoria Day Parade. This was the first time I’ve ever seen the Victoria Day Parade and it did
not disappoint! The parade itself took almost an hour and there were SO many people out that day, despite the not so nice weather. It was an absolute joy to get to participate in the parade
that day and we even managed to get a photo in the paper! Finally, to wrap up this month, we mad our way over to New Westminster for the Hyack Parade. Despite another not so gorgeous
day, this parade was another rousing success! Thank you so much to all the girls and adults who took the time out of their days to walk in these parades and promote our organization!

Now that I’ve covered the parades, here are a few of the other events I had the privilege to attend this month. I had the privilege to fill in at Bethel 48’s Deputy Visit. You girls are always so
welcoming and make my day exponentially better! HQ Regan, you are a seasoned pro! The weekend of the Cloverdale Parade was a busy one. Right after the parade was our annual
Grand Bethel Retreat. We all discussed our vision for the upcoming year and it was incredible! We’ve got lots planned so keep your eyes and ears open! The girls had a night full of laughs,
sweets and lots of memories <3. The next morning a few of us headed to the ferry terminal and made our way over to Victoria. We had a nice walk around the city and then went over to
Fisgard Hall. What an absolutely breathtaking building! The friendship meeting hosted by Bethel #2 was incredible to be a part of. After dinner, we headed off to another sleepover. Thank you so
much to Bethel 2 for your hospitality and your smiling faces! The next morning was the Victoria Day Parade. I definitely had a nice, long sleep after this weekend!

A couple of days later was 22’s Official Visit. Props to Bethel 22 for an amazing dinner full of clever Oz themed food puns! The girls performed a beautiful majority ceremony for Mrs. Conrad which I had the privilege to participate in! Thank you so much to HQ Quincy for filling in and becoming a member of 22’s Provincial HQ Team! The next day was Bethel 20’s Official Visit. HQ Chloe, you ran an absolutely phenomenal meeting and a huge congratulations to all of you guys on your memory work and especially to your newest member, Sophia! Thank you so much for letting me

To close off the month, we made our way up to Vernon for the Order of the Eastern Star Grand Chapter. I love road trips and this one did not disappoint! The ride up was full of
discussion and camaraderie with our new Provincial Master Councillor River Peatman. An enormous thank you to Mrs. Lyons for taking us in for the night and keeping us entertained (we
took a very nice walk with a GORGEOUS view and a great trip around Vernon). This was the first Eastern Star Event I’ve been able to attend in quite a while and I was overjoyed! I loved
being able to see your ceremony and then you so much for allowing me to bring remarks! Quickly after the ceremony, we made our way back home. Thank you so much to Mrs. Peatman
for taking us up!

May was absolutely astounding! Once again the support from this jurisdiction just warmed my heart! Thank you for your hospitality, your donations and your love, it means the world to me
and I cannot thank you all enough! Time to take on June!

Here is another video summary of this jam-packed month!

Jobie Love,
GBHQ Abbey Macey