This has been an incredible summer! Usually, my summers are quite lacking when it comes to
Jobies, since my Bethel only has a few events throughout the 2 months off. This summer was
an AMAZING exception. Not only was I able to help out at Promo Booth at the Poco Farmer’s
Market with my bethel, something that has become one of my favourite summer traditions, but
this summer I was able to attend my very first Supreme Session! The whole experience is
honestly a bit of a blur, but I hope I can try and relay some of it back to you all! I’m going to
focus on the major events, but if you want to hear about some of the finer details, ASK ME! I
don’t think I’ll ever get tired of talking about my time at Supreme! On August 5th at 5am, I made
my way to the Vancouver Airport to go over the rainbow to Kansas! It was a long, long travel
day, with a layover in Salt Lake City, Utah but I made it to Kansas City, Missouri and then off to
Overland Park, Kansas we went! I’ve never seen so many US States in one day! The next
morning I was able to perform the Story of Job at Ritual Competition. While I wasn’t actually
able to compete due to my age (20 is the new 80 it seems) it felt so incredible to perform the
story at a Supreme level! A huge thank you to Suzanne Stark for giving me pointers and helping
me work on my story! The rest of the day was spent checking out some of the sights in
Overland Park and meeting girls from all over the jobie world. That was my biggest takeaway
from this incredible experience. No matter where I went at Supreme, there was always someone
there, with a swappy, a joke, a fun fact, an introduction or even just a smile. I’ve never felt so
comfortable in a room full of strangers! Only they weren’t strangers for very long! I hope to keep
all of the connections I made and hopefully we can all reunite at Supreme’s in the future! The
next day was our Formal Opening! I had the pleasure of walking in the Honoured Queens
parade with BC’s own Amelia! What an incredible sight to see and cheer on all of the girls who
are giving their all to this organization as Honoured Queens! You’ll hear the words Incredible,
Amazing and Phenomenal a lot in this post, but they’re accurate! Bright and early the next
morning was the Supreme Bethel Meeting! A huge round of applause goes out to Casey for her
amazing (see I told you) term as SBHQ. The Jobie world is so proud of everything you have
done for us over the last year Casey. You have led your Supreme Bethel with dignity and grace
and have really shown us all what it means to be a true jobie! A congratulations is also in order
for Gabrielle on her new role! You are going to do great things this year and I can’t wait for you
to come visit us in BC! One more big congratulations to all of the girls who were chosen as
Supreme Bethel Officers (Especially to BC’s Julia and Gia on your positions and to Tori from
Washington on being selected as our BC Rep!). The day was all leading up to the Miss
International Pageant that night! I had the absolute privilege to escort our Miss BC Maia into the
pageant. I already told her most of what I wanted to say in person, but to our Miss Maia, I could
not be prouder of you. BC could not have asked for a better representative this year. You have
worked so hard for the last 2 years and all of your hard work paid off when you were announced
as FIRST RUNNER UP! I could hear the cheers from all the way back home! You should be so
incredibly proud of all of your work! To our IPMIJD Kayleigh, thank you for your work this year.
You have inspired so many of our girls and been an absolutely phenomenal role model for our
future jobies! To our new Miss International Maia Garcia, you will do so much for this
organization, I know it. I’m so incredibly happy for you and can’t wait to see all that your year will
teach and give to you (I also can’t wait to have you visit Canada!). You are a lovely
representative and I know you will bring everything you have into this role. Our next big event
was the Supreme Bethel Installation the next night. BC’s own Maia was the Installing Marshal.
One more huge round of applause to Julia and Gia for being installed as Supreme Bethel 5th
Messenger and Supreme Bethel Representative to Michigan! We are so incredibly proud of you
girls. After the Installation, it was off to the Dance! The next day was full of excitement as well!
We were all able to attend the Installation of the Supreme Officers. I know all of BC was
incredibly proud to see our very own Corinne Alexander installed as Supreme 2nd Messenger. I

cannot thank you enough for asking me to escort you and I know I speak for all of BC when I
say it’ll be hard to share you with the rest of the Jobie world, but we cannot wait to see all that
you do with this new position! The next morning was an early one for most of us. I was at the
Kansa City Airport once again (with some pretty awesome travel buddies) at 4am to head back
up north. While I was happy to be home, I am still so touched by the incredible experience that
was Supreme Session 2019. Thank you to all the BC girls and adults who went to Supreme this
year for making my first Supreme one I will always cherish in my heart. You all made the trip so
incredible, whether it was coming together for group meals, exploring Kansas, taking pictures
(so, so many pictures) or just sitting all together, you are all responsible for one of my new
favourite Jobie memories! Thank you to everyone out there in the Jobie world for being so kind
and welcoming and for making me feel so at home, even when I was far away from my home.
This International event and the camaraderie it made me feel are truly what Job’s Daughters is
all about and why we all put so much of our time and energy into this organization. There is
nothing quite like Job’s Daughters and I hope this isn’t the last time I get to see you all! I hope to
see you all again in Nebraska!

Jobie Love,
GBHQ Abbey Macey

Here is the link to the video I made while at Supreme Session! I was going to make a video
covering the whole summer, but I was only able to attend one other event this summer due to
other commitments