The first half of the Official Visits are over and it has been an amazing journey. So much has been done, but it still feels like yesterday when I was drawn for GBHQ.

On our trip to visit Bethel #47, I was asleep for most of the car ride, until Mrs. Hasegawa and I stopped for PIE ❤. We arrived at Ms. Bateman’s boss’s house (who, so graciously let us use it for a Jobie sleepover while they were away) and found the girls at #47 working hard on their memory work for the Obligation Ceremony the next day. After pizza, we headed over to the lodge to do the closing cross for Kamloops Lodge #10. When we got back, we played Heads Up with all the adults and daughters; so. Much. Screaming. We ended the night with ZOOTOPIA, my new favourite all-animal-cast movie. In the morning after a fabulous breakfast, we headed to church. After lunch, it was the meeting. I personally enjoyed setting up their bethel room as I met Maurice. If you would like to meet Maurice, go visit Bethel 47 😉.

The next weekend was the Grand Bethel retreat and Cloverdale parade. I arrived at Mrs. Hasegawa’s house the day before the parade, along with the other interior and island Grand Bethel members. The Cloverdale parade was so much fun, and we had 11 Bethels represented!!! After a quick stop at McDonalds, the Grand Bethel members headed back to Mrs. Hasegawa’s for brainstorming for the next year. I am so pleased with how much we got accomplished, as well as how smooth my face was after a home-made banana face mask with the girls!

May was REALLY busy, because the next weekend was our trip up to Prince George. Mr. and Mrs. Hasegawa, Miss Meghan and I were all stocked up on snacks thanks to one past GBHQ/Miss BC who will remain un-named…(thanks for the goldfish Regan ;)). After a few pit stops through the Valley and Interior, and a very real Caribou sighting, we made it to Mr. and Mrs. Graham’s house around 8:30! Only 11 hours! The next day, Miss Meghan and I got a tour of UNBC by our Vice GG! We then got ready for Bethel 26’s meeting. I was so impressed with the enthusiasm and positivity the girls of 26 have in their meetings. Before heading back to the Graham’s for a bonfire, hot dogs, and a movie, myself, Mrs. Hasegawa and Miss Meghan took a picture together with Mr.PG in our formals. It was kind of hard with the wind, rain, and mud, but was totally worth it! The bonfire was so much fun, some of the members of 26 made Smores for EVERYONE! After some delicious Smokeys, we watched Big Hero 6. I was the only one who had not seen the movie, but everyone had immediately declared me as Baymax. After watching the movie for only a short period of time, I found the declaration quite fitting to my character. The next day, we headed out bright and early at 8:00am, and somehow, despite 3 or 4 stops made along the way, I managed to catch the 7:00 ferry? Go Mr. Hasegawa for getting me there on time!

Now it’s June, which means it’s Installation season. Congratulations to all the newly elected Officers! I am going to try my hardest to make it out to as many Installations as I can, although I did just get a new job so we’ll see
😁. My Bethel’s Installation is on June 15 at 7:30, with a dinner before at 6:30 at Harriet Rd Hall in Victoria! It’s a Wednesday so please don’t skip school just to visit me

Although I’m excited for summer, it really has snuck up on me. We’re 1/3 over on our Grand journey, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the other 2/3.