This has been an absolutely incredible first month. Before I even start, I would like to extend an ENOURMOUS thank you to Bethels 52, 11 and 29 for their hospitality. You girls have made us all feel so incredibly welcomed and loved over the last month. This month was packed with tons of fun, and I don’t think I can properly tell you about it all in one blog post, but I’ll try my best.

This month was full of official visits, the Daughters of the Nile Tea, my home Bethel’s Spring Tea Easter Face Painting, an Easter Egg Hunt and our provincial fundraiser for HIKE (The Hearing Impaired Kids Equipment Fund). I’d love to go into detail about each and every one of these events, but I’ll keep this entry short.

We had our first official visit out in Langley. I wasn’t able to attend the dinner beforehand due to my last day of classes, but you girls blew me away during your meeting. Your memory work was incredible and HQ Andrea you ran a fantastic meeting. My highlight of the meeting was seeing you girls roll out the red carpet (or in this case, the yellow brick road) for Mr Gilmore and Mrs Peatman as they were being introduced. You girls have all gotten so incredibly creative with their theme this year and I’m on the edge of my seat to see what you come up with next.

On April 17th, it was time for our first Grand Team road trip! We met at Mrs Peatman’s house and then we were off to the ferry. After a nice ferry ride (and a nice Pirate Pak lunch ;) ) we made our way over to Bethel 11 for their Official Visit. I could not believe how many people had come out to support the members of Bethel 11. They had to bring another row of chairs out there were so many people! The girls performed an impeccable majority ceremony for Max. Congratulations girls on a phenomenal job and HQ Hailey on an incredibly run meeting. After the meeting was a lovely social, and then we had to call it a night. We made our way back over to the mainland, had some delicious ice cream on the ferry and went our separate ways. It was a long day, but so worth it <3

Our last official visit this month was to Campbell River. Unfortunately, despite our early start the weather was not very happy with us. We had to catch a later ferry than we wanted because of the wind, but after a rocky ferry ride we made it to Bethel 29 (Thank you so much again girls for waiting for us to start the meeting). It was incredible to see Bethel 29 perform the Majority Ceremony for Mrs Lake and to see so many of you working so hard to be the best you can be! You are all truly inspiring. Thank you so much to Julia for filing in as HQ, you did an amazing job! After a lovely dinner, it was time for us to make our way back home. The ferry was much smoother on the way home and after we all got back, it was time for a good nights rest.

My biggest take away from this month was seeing the amount of support around this jurisdiction. Whether it was from concordant bodies, family members or Jobies, I saw such an overwhelming amount of support this month that truly warmed my heart. This jurisdiction never ceases to amaze me. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings and to experience this crazy year with all of you! Keep up the phenomenal work ladies!

Here is a short video I made in summary of this first month as the Grand Team! Can’t wait to see what May has in store!

*Apologies to Bethels 52 and 29, I didn’t get many clips of your two official visits, but I’ll be back soon to capture some of your magic on tape <3

Jobie Love,

GBHQ Abbey Macey