Well, 2/3 of the Official Visits have gone by and Life has sure caught up with me!

On April 16th, I caught the 11:00 ferry, on my way to meet Mrs. Hasegawa on the other side for our road trip to Bethel 25 in Kelowna. When she saw me loading my luggage in the car, she realised she had forgotten a sleeping bag. 😂After a quick pit stop to her place, we met the others at the Peatman’s home. We picked up Miss Meghan and Gabby Foreman from #20 and were on our way! We stopped at the Kelowna superstore and Diana, Meghan and I were in awe of the live lobsters and crabs for sale! After dinner, we arrived at the hall with a warm welcome from Ally and Emma. We played hide-and-go-seek and Mafia until midnight, wanting to preserve our energy for the church parade to follow in the morning. The church parade was very nice, and all 8 of us girls got to ring the big bronze bell 8 times! After a quick practice and a hotdog lunch, (as well as some face swaps…) we set up the Bethel room for the OV. It was so heartwarming to see the girls from 20, 21, 47, 48, 52, and 63 filling in so that Emma could have a real meeting, especially with the Memorial Ceremony following the Obligation. After the meeting, everyone was getting ready for the social after, and I noticed HQ Ally’s tiara was missing the middle arches. I told her that once she gets enough girls and someone takes her place as HQ (after having taken 3 terms in a row), I would show up to the Installation and present her with a new tiara. So blessed for the friendships and memories made that weekend, I HOPE we can go visit Kelowna again.
The next Official Visit was only a 5-minute drive from my house, YAY NO FERRY RIDE!!! I arrived at Bethel 36’s hall and joined the girls in their Initiation practice. We then got changed and headed downstairs for the baked potato dinner! The meal was delicious, and Mrs. Shultz and I DEFINITELY enjoyed the pie afterwards the most. I ended up filling in as Marshal for the ceremony. So proud of the younger girls at 36, some of whom have been in less than a year, and executed a fantastic and beautiful ceremony. Our initiate was a bit under the weather, and left immediately following the ceremony, but I wish her happiness and friendship in joining this amazing order!
Can’t wait to see Bethel 47 and Bethel 26 in the next couple weeks, as well as the GB retreat! So excited!

GBHQ Meghan J