Summer is now long gone, but the memories made sure are here to last!

This year, the Grand Bethel was able to do something we’ve never done before, a Mystery Trip! Everyone met at the Royal BC Museum at 11:30 in Victoria. We had a lovely tour of the Mammoth exhibit, as well as the year round natural history and human history exhibits, so fascinating!!! We then headed for lunch at 1:30 at the Old Spaghetti Factory. The spaghetti definitely didn’t make me upsetti, and the pistachio ice cream was NUTS 😏. We then walked up and down Government Street (for those who are not native Victorians, it’s the most stereotypically touristy 5 blocks of gift shops and pointless nick knacks in human existence, but there`s also usually free chocolate and music and art and the trees are pretty so its pretty chill). We said our goodbyes at 4:00, and we were off to prepare for the next adventure, in Washington!

International Day was so amazing and fun, I am so grateful I was able to preside as GBHQ. The day started as usual, at 5:00am 😴. My mom and I picked up the other GB girls, and we were on our way to the ferry. Ourselves and Mrs.O’Brien met up with Mrs. Crockart, Mrs. Peatman, Mrs. Dowling and Diana. After some car shuffling, and a rather awkward border encounter, we headed to the closest STARBUCKS we could find for a much needed caffeine break.

International Day began with a very well run practice and some very well deserved reunions with all our Washington friends ☺️. The meeting ran very smoothly, and I am so proud of all of the Grand Bethel Members who ACED their memory work! No prompts needed as usual. The meatloaf and chocolate cake to follow were delicious. Unfortunately I had a really bad headache after dinner so I missed the dance, but I heard the laughter and music, it sounded like everyone had fun!!!

I am SOOOO excited for the upcoming few weeks. With my personal Bethel errands, such as initiation memorization (I’m doing Senior Princess, 3rd M and 4th M, god help me), Luaus to plan (you’re all invited btw text me for deets), all along with the craziness of AJW, I am asking for patience. Patience when I’m stuck in traffic after work and all I want to do is shower and eat waffles. Patience when I forget to call someone, or forget to bring a ritual, or forget to turn the oven off, especially to turn the oven off. Patience with my family, friends and loved ones, as this month is going to be insane. I hope everyone is adjusting to school and work easily, and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families over the next few weeks.

Hugs and lots of Jobie Love,
GBHQ Meghan