Another Installation season has passed by so quickly! It’s hard to believe January is already over. Before I go any further, I would like to say a huge congratulations to all of BC’s newly installed officers! You girls are all going to do phenomenal work and I know that you will do a stellar job in your new stations. You will all grow so much over the next 6 months, and I hope you enjoy your time!

My goal was to try and attend all of the installations that I wasn’t able to attend last term. Unfortunately due to weather, scheduling and  life I wasn’t able to fulfill my goal. I want to send an apology out to all the Bethels who installations I wasn’t able to attend. Please know that I am so proud of you girls and although I was not able to physically be there, I was there in spirit cheering you all on! On Saturday January 11, I had the privilege to preside as Installing Officer at Bethel 48’s Installation! What an honour it was to crown my good friend Regan as Honoured Queen. HQ Regan, I’ve told you many times, but you have done such tremendous work for your Bethel and your devotion to this order is admired by everyone who loves you. On Saturday January 18th, I was able to preside as Installing Officer again for Bethel 22’s Installation. I am so grateful to have gotten to spend this afternoon with you girls and to see your Bethel growing. It warms my heart to see you taking on new responsibilities and to see 3 girls in you line! Later that evening it was off to Bethel 37’s Installation in Surrey. IPHQ Seren, I am so proud of you for all of your hard work over this term. I know you will do absolutely incredible things in your future and I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours! HQ Evie, this will be an amazing experience for you and I am so excited to see what your term has in store! I know you will be a phenomenal Honoured Queen. The next day was Bethel 52’s Installation in Langley. IPHQ Jeanne, you were an amazing Honoured Queen and have been a tremendous role model for your girls. HQ Jazz, you are going to have an incredible time as Honoured Queen and I know you will fo amazing things for your Bethel. I can’t wait to see what activities you have planned for your term! On January 25, the Grand Team and I went back to the Island for Bethel 29’s Installation. Once again, the ferry did not want us to arrive on time for some reason, so I thank you all again for patiently waiting for us. It was an absolute honour to serve as your Installing Marshal and to see you girls take on your new responsibilities and stations! I love coming to visit you girls and I  know you will learn so much and make so many new memories over the next six months. January 28th was a big day for me. It was my home Bethel 63’s Installation. It was also my last meeting as a daughter of Bethel 63. I can’t say enough about this incredible day. I cannot thank you all enough for coming through the weather and the traffic. It was one of the most touching moments of my life and I will remember the kind words and the tears shared for the rest of my days. To my girls, I am so incredibly proud of you. You are all the inspiration I need in my life and you keep me going. I can’t wait to see what you do with your new stations. Last installation of the month was at Bethel 21 in Chiliwack. IPHQ Emma, you have done an amazing job this term and I was so happy to be able to attend my Big’s last installation. Thank you for all you do! HQ Robyn, you are a seasoned pro at this and I know that you are going to do amazing work! You bring such an incredible energy and passion to your Bethel and it makes you irreplaceable as a leader! 

As this next month begins, I am trying to enter it without thinking that in a couple short months, I will be passing this crown onto the next lucky girl. I have so enjoyed this experience and I plan on continuing to make the most out of these next months. Here’s to whatever comes next!

Jobie Love,

GBHQ Abbey Macey