Installation season has come and gone! Before I talk about the rest of this month, I want to send out a huge congratulations to all of BC’s newly installed officers! This will be an absolutely incredible term and I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish. Let’s get started!

I’ll start with the installations. I wasn’t able to attend as many installations as I would have liked, but I promise I will be back soon to catch up with all of you! First I was able to attend Bethel 20’s Installation on June 15th. HQ Gabby, I loved your stellar decor and I can’t wait to see everything you have planned this term! IPHQ Chloe, I am so incredibly proud of everything you have accomplished this term! (A bittersweet congratulations also goes out to my Miss Maia on her last installation as a daughter, I know how you feel and I’m so happy I was able to be there. Next was Bethel 21’s Installation on June 22. I had the absolute privilege to fill in as Installing Officer and I cannot thank you girls enough for letting me help you out on your special day. HQ Emma, I’m so excited to be HQ buddies with my Big! IPHQ Robyn, thank you so much for everything you have done for your Bethel and for taking on the position of HQ for so long, I know your Bethel is incredibly grateful! Later that same day I made my way over to Bethel 37. HQ Seren, I remember when you joined and I knew you were going to go on to do great things! IPHQ Hannah, you blew my mind this term! You’ve done great things and should be very proud.

On June 23rd, I was able to make it to Bethel 52’s Installation. HQ Jeanne, you are going to have an incredible term and I want you to take every opportunity these next 6 months throw at you! IPHQ Andrea, you took on a huge responsibility this term to help your Bethel and you did phenomenally! Thank you! Immediately after, I ran back to my own Bethel 63 for our installation. It was a bittersweet ceremony as it was my last installation as a daughter and IPHQ Bethea’s last event as a daughter, but I couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony! Thank you so much to everyone who came, to all the girls for their hard work, to all of our adults for ALL of their help and especially to Bethea for everything she did for us over this last term. I cannot thank you all enough!

I’ll quickly go over a few more events I was able to attend this month! On June 1st, my Bethel hosted a Princess Party. We didn’t have a huge turnout, but we had so much fun I’d say the event was a roaring success! On June 21st, the grand team and I were able to go and visit Grand Lodge in Burnaby. Congratulations to Mr Barry Burych on your term as Grand Master. You have made a lasting impact on all of the masonic youth this year and we cannot thank you enough! Miss BC Maia delivered an inspiring speech in front of the crowd and she did an incredible job! Lastly, at the end of this month I was able to travel down to Washington with the Grand Team to attend their Grand Session. What an experience! I am so grateful to all the daughters and adults of Washington for their welcoming atmosphere and their hospitality. To Chloe and Abby, you girls should be so incredibly proud of everything you’ve done for your jurisdiction and for Job’s Daughters in general. You two are prime examples of what this organizations does for girls and have been absolutely incredible role models. To Ashley and Tori, I can’t wait to get to know you girls and for with you at International Day! Thank you again Washington for an unforgettable weekend!

This month has really solidified the idea of sisterhood for me. I’ve traveled all over this month and no matter where I go, there is always a smiling face and a conversation at the ready. This organization never ceases to amaze me. You girls have made the long road trips so worth it and you make me want to get right back in the car to come and visit again! I can’t wait for the next adventure!

Here is a link to my June recap video!

Jobie Love,

GBHQ Abbey Macey