Another month has come and gone. It’s hard to believe we’re already moving into December!

November was another month full of fun, friends and travel. This month I was able to go back to the island for Bethel 2 and 36’s Official Visits, I was able to lay wreath for Remembrance Day, visit 37 for their Official visit, help 48 with an exemplification, visit 48 for their Official Visit and help out at the Daughters of the Nile Tea.

Starting this month was Bethel 2’s Official Visit. I met the Grand Team at Mrs Peatman’s house and off we went to the ferry. After we checked into our hotel, it was off to Fisgard Hall. This hall never ceases to amaze me. It is truly amazing and full of so much masonic history. Bethel 2 performed a majority ceremony for Evangeline and it was amazing to watch! HQ Amelia, I am always inspired by your determination and your willingness to push yourself! You girls were fantastic and I always love coming to visit. After the meeting, Maia and I went walking around downtown Victoria with Mrs and Mr Calhoun. We even got to stop by my favourite Bubble Tea place (appropriately titled The Bubble Tea Place). Then the Grand Team met up again and we all had a lovely dinner together. It’s the little moments like these that really stick in my memory and make this year so incredible. The next morning we made our way over to Bethel 36 for their
official visit. I felt so privileged to be able to attend this ceremony as one of my closest Jobie sisters was receiving her majority ceremony. I felt so lucky to see each of the girls receive their majority and move on to the next chapter in their Jobie Career. HQ Kayleigh, you should be so proud of your work and what a treat to be able to give your sister her majority. I love to see how each Bethel decides who will give the majority gifts out to their members, it’s one of my favourite parts of the ceremony! After the meeting, it was back to the mainland. Thank you Bethels 2 and 36 for your hospitality and for being your amazing selves!

On November 11, my Bethel hosted our annual Remembrance Day Breakfast. It was so incredible to get to share this tradition with our new members. Then we went over to the Cenotaph for the Remembrance Day Ceremony held by our city. For the first time, I had the absolute privilege to lay a Wreath on behalf of my Bethel at the Cenotaph. What an honour it was and I was so happy to come home and see how many other Bethels had done the same and honoured the brave men and women who serve our country. Next was Bethel 37’s Official Visit. The girls performed a terrific Initiation ceremony, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Bethel 37. You are all absolute rockstars! Congratulations to Megann on becoming a Jobie, you picked a terrific group of girls. HQ Seren, you did a phenomenal job and I am so impressed with everything you have accomplished this term. A few days later, I went over to White Rock to help Bethel 48 with an exemplification of the Story of the Robe. After our exemplification, we opened the floor up to the Masons to see if anyone had any
questions. What a treat it was to speak to them all and to see their curiosity and excitement when it came to Jobies! Thank you so much 48 for letting me help!

The day had finally come for our last official visit. Bethel 48, I cannot thank you enough for making this evening so special. We started the evening off with a wacky utensil dinner. Thank you so much HQ Regan for blessing me with a potato masher as my “fork” for the dinner (*A Tip for everyone, DO NOT forget your bib when going to a Jobie Dinner, you’ll thank me later). During the meeting the girls performed a lovely Love Is Our Parents ceremony. It was the first time I’d ever seen it done and you girls did an absolutely beautiful job. HQ Regan, you never cease to amaze me. You’ve been holding your position for so long, and you only improve every time I see you preside. The Official Visits have been such an amazing treat and while I’m sad their over, that doesn’t mean you’ll stop seeing me! I’ll be back to visit you all soon!
Lastly this month was the Daughters Of The Nile Tea and Bazaar. Thank you so much to the Daughters of the Nile for once again including us and asking us to serve at your event. It is so important that we all stay connected as a Masonic Family and I know we all appreciate this
event and the connection we share.

This month has really shown me the lasting impact that Job’ Daughters leaves on us all. I loved being able to see so many majority ceremonies and to see that Daughters who were making the transition from Daughter to Adult. It is so incredible to also see so many majority members coming back to help out with meetings, on council and with majority ceremonies. To see these Majority Members who have made such a big impact on these Daughters lives to jump in and give them the gifts of the majority ceremony truly warms my heart. This shows me that this organization has lasting effects. The lessons we learn are carried with us throughout the rest of our lives and continue to inspire us well into adulthood. I think there are few places where many of us will find this kind of impact and I am so happy to have found this one. Here’s to the next few months!

Jobie Love,
GBHQ Abbey Macey

Here is my November Recap Video: