One of my favourite parts about this year has been sitting down to write these blog posts. Getting of my adventures with all of you is truly incredible. I’ve loved being able to have time each month to sit down and really reminisce about all of the experiences this position has given me. Without further ado, let’s get started going over this month!

This month I was able to attend my own bethel’s official visit and glow meeting, Bethel 22’s 65th Birthday celebration, Bethel 37’s Halloween Party and All Jobie Weekend.

Beginning on October 8th, my Bethel hosted our Official Visit. What a treat it was to preside as HQ for my Grand Team and all our lovely Grand Officers. This meeting helped to show me that we are all constantly learning and helping each other. I am so grateful to everyone who came out to support my Bethel as our new girls really start to come into their own. On October 19th, Bethel 22 hosted a lunch and open meeting to celebrate their 65th birthday. Let me just say how amazing it was to see a Bethel celebrate this milestone. There was so much history and so many mementos on display in that room. The meeting was absolutely wonderful and the girls performed a lovely Ribbon Ceremony (one of my favourites) with Miss BC Maia presiding as their Honoured Queen. Here’s to at least another 65 years of success for Bethel 22. The next day I made my way over to Bethel 37 for their Jack-O-Party. You girls are so incredibly creative and I loved making my way around the room to see all of the fun activities you had thought up. I was so happy I was able to attend and I left with a tummy full of candy, a face covered in face paint and a heart full of love and friends. On October 22, my own Bethel 63 hosted our second Glow Meeting! If you’ve never tried it, our HQ last year Bethea thought it would be a really cool idea to dim the lights during the meeting and cover ourselves in glow sticks of every shape size and colour. It looks incredible and can really bring a sense of fun and halloween spirit into your meetings!

Here is the big even this month: All Jobie Weekend. Most jurisdictions have an event of this nature, but there is truly something special about All Jobie Weekend (I say, completely unbiased). At All Jobie Weekend, the BC Grand Bethel plans, you guessed it, a weekend full of all sorts of different Jobie activities. We’ve been planning this years event since May, and it did not disappoint. I’ve said it many times to the girls, but I am so proud to be your GBHQ this year. You all did an absolutely phenomenal job planning and running this years activities. Our workshops included Ritual Trivia, Sign Language, Music, Adult-Daughter Communication, Line Dancing and much more. We also learned some camp songs, played some games with the masons and developed friendships that will hopefully last for years to come. It is such a treat to have these events where we can all come together and honour this organization that we all love and just spend time together as friends. I cannot thank the daughters and adults of BC enough for everything you all put into this incredible weekend!

This month has been a whirlwind! This jurisdiction never ceases to amaze me when it comes to our ability to offer support and guidance to each other. You girls are always ready to jump in and help your friends and to join in on the fun. I am so proud to call this place my home and to have each of you in my jobie family.

Jobie love,

GBHQ Abbey Macey

Here is my October Recap Video