Wow! This last week has been so much fun! We started with Bethel 2’s Official visit, my home Bethel, so, of course, there was lots of laughter and fun. The Obligation Ceremony was beautiful, and I’m so proud of my girls, especially the newer members who did their memory work so beautifully! I especially enjoyed getting to play some Muppets music on the piano after the meeting with my Mom

The next Official Visit I was able to make was Bethel 40’s in Richmond. On the ferry ride over, I was blessed to see a pack of Orca whales! Now THAT should give people more reason to come visit the island girls . The meeting was run very efficiently, and that Initiation ceremony? WOW! I was blown away with the amount of girls from other Bethels who came to support Bethel 40, and the amazing ritual work done through and through. I’m wishing the newest Jobie in the world, Grace, that she embraces everything that Jobies is about: kindness, joy, friendship, leadership, laughter, love, and many more.

Can’t wait to see the rest of BC in my travels with the Grand Team!

Jobie love,
GBHQ Meghan Jackson