Well, after all the hustle and bustle of these past few months, I have forgotten to blog about all my Jobie adventures! I tried to attend as many Official Visits and functions as I could, but living on my own requires me to work full time to live and pay rent, which meant sacrificing some Jobie time 😞.

On September 28th, I had the day off and was able to hop on the ferry and visit Bethel #22 in New Westminster. They had a lovely salad bar dinner before the meeting, of which my favourite was the macaroni and cheese salad! I filled in as Guide for their Initiation of Ariel and Risa. The Initiation memory work and songs were done perfectly by the Bethel, it shows that they care a lot about their Ritual!

October was the Spirit Photo Challenge month, and I was able to complete the every-day photo challenge (well, excluding Day 3 because there were no pictures I could find of my Bethel’s Food Drive). I know I’m already getting priority seating at Session (I hope) so congrats to the others who participated and get to eat first!!! Yay!!!

I was able to attend and participate in Bethel #36’s Majority Ceremony on October 19th for none other than Katlin Parrish, BCGBHQ 2015-2016. I filled in as their 5th messenger, which I was so happy about because the gift the 5th messenger gives to the members is Love. I was surprised I didn’t cry during the ceremony, but Katlin, Katie Acerman and Katrina Hunter did as they received a beautiful Majority Ceremony from their home Bethel. I hope you young ladies continue to be active in Job’s Daughters, and let your lights shine.

ALL JOBIE WEEKEND 2016 WAS SO AMAZING AHHH ✨💞! The weekend started with my mother picking up GBJC Shane Wagner, then they picked me up after work and we headed to the ferry! We had the most delicious ferry food ever; poutine. When we got to the mainland, we stopped in Chilliwack for more food. We got “MooYah’s!”, the most interesting fast food chain I have ever entered into. We arrived at camp, with leftovers, around 9:00, and I was surprised with, you guessed it, MORE FOOD! Mrs. Hasegawa had stopped at our regular pie place in Hope and brought me some coconut cream 😋. After the Grand Bethel members and I had made posters and prepped for the weekend’s activities, as well as played a riveting game of Apples to Apples, we headed to bed. Friday started out slow, but as more and more people came the more excited I got about the weekend! I really enjoyed the fun kick start game that Mrs. Byce made with the mismatching shoes – my partner and I had each others 😂👟! We ended the night with a very moving and emotional movie about the Kindness Campaign. It got the girls thinking about how they treat others, and how others treat them, and I really think the end message was to just be positive and kind towards people, because you don’t know what hardships they might be going through. Saturday was probably the most nerve racking for all the GB members, as it was workshop day! We started the day with a lovely Yoga workshop led by GBOG Berlyn and GBM Cassandra. We then had workshops about Crafts, Skits, Healthy Eating, Signing, Ritual songs, Grand Bethel, Scrapbooks, Boutineers/Corsages, Young Adulthood, Budgeting, and Communication! Was that it? I am so proud of all the Grand Bethel members for the hard work and effort they put into their workshops and into the weekend as leaders of the province. Sunday was short, we had breakfast, we cleaned up our cabins, we had our service led by Mackenna, Meghan, and myself, and then we headed home. Now, I have to tell you guys about the ride home because it was amazing. So we got Tara Dorge, B.C.E., pulling up in the Yaris, blasting twenty one pilots. We played the entire album, and Estelle SANG the entire album, and then we ended the road trip with rocking out to some good ol’ techno. Love going in Ms. Tara’s car.

On November 28th, I was able to take the day off work and go to Bethel #52’s Official Visit in Langley. I really didn’t want to miss this one as it was the LAST Official Visit, and the GBG’s home Bethel. I caught the ferry a bit earlier than usual so Mrs. Hasegawa and I could catch up, have some Wendy’s, chill with the dogs, and get ready for the meeting. Before the meeting was a Potato Dinner, and I helped Allannah collect people’s dinner money! This time around, I got to sit in the East and watch the girls (and Miss Meghan) initiate Riel, who was so eager and excited during the entire Initiation 😁! Bethel #52 also presented Mrs. Hasegawa as their newest Member of Honour, it was such an amazing and touching moment to witness for our last Official Visit! After the meeting we gathered together again for the most beautiful cake made by a PHQ of Bethel #52! It was rainbow layers on the inside, with a beautiful Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy fondant pictures on the cake for Mrs.Hasegawa and Mr. Croda to take home. I slept over at Mrs. Hasegawa’s house, and in the morning got woken up with Dexter (one of the resident basset hounds) jumping on the bed and licking my face! Ah I miss those pups 🐶💞

I hope you all have been enjoying the school year, and that your terms are going well. Dress warmly if your Bethel is walking in a Christmas Parade! Bethel #2 & #36 walked in the Victoria Santa parade and our toes were FREEZING, but we got free pizza from my work that was walking in front of us 😏🍕. Happy Holidays, Happy Elections, I’ll see you all in the Happy New Year! 🎉

GBHQ Meghan Jackson