We are very excited to be spending the year with the Daughters of British Columbia working towards growing our Order.  There are some exciting additions happening to the way we connect with each other.  Be sure to look for @BCJobsDaughters on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat and our new Facebook Fan Page. For the adults not familiar with these social media platforms, ask a daughter to help you learn.  Job’s Daughters is a teaching organization but it isn’t limited to just the Daughters learning new things! Follow us to see what everyone is doing in their community to promote our Order and also to follow along as the Grand Team travels the province.

HIKE is such an amazing charity, don’t you think?  Kids Helping Kids is their motto and I can’t think of a better way to show our Jobie spirit than supporting this worthwhile organization.  Did you know that all the funds raised in Canada, stay in Canada?  We hope you will enjoy our Great Rubber Duck Race this year and encourage others to join in the fun.  We will have prizes throughout the race so run don’t waddle and join in, the earlier the better for your chance to win.  Oh, and the final Grand Prize?  It’s a doozy!  It will be revealed at All Jobie Weekend in October.  There are Duck donation forms that were sent out in the BCJD email but if you didn’t receive one, contact your Bethel Guardian or our HIKE Chair, Grand Marshal Edith Peatman.  

Each Bethel received a special duck at Grand Session and I love seeing all of your posts, tweets, and snaps of the ducks out in the community!  Many of you have given your ducks a special name, very creative, and it makes the whole event even more fun.  Stay tuned for challenges that will give each Bethel the opportunity to advance their duck in the Bethel Duck Challenge.  Hint: It would be a really great idea to start delivering those flyers for the Food Bank Day before April 16th.  Remember, the flyers are delivered in advance (I suggest the week before) and the collection day is April 16th. There will also be awards for the Daughter collecting the most HIKE donations and for the Bethel collecting the most HIKE donations.  If you’re planning a special HIKE event in your Bethel, please share your pictures on Social Media.

Our watchwords for the year are Kindness, Patience, Thoughtfulness, and Willingness.  I love seeing these words in ACTION when I’m at Jobie events.  To me, this is what Job’s Daughters is all about.  At Grand Session, I saw first hand how our girls are making a difference in the world.  Amanda from #29 travelled to Grand Session with her two fabulous chaperones, Ms. Ordway and Mr. Monroe but her Bethel sisters were unable to join her. Jeanne and Emily from #52 decided to adopt her for the weekend so she wouldn’t be on her own.  They made her day when they sent her a candy gram and sought her out at all the events.  Thank you Jeanne and Emily for being extraordinary Jobies and thank you Amanda for being brave enough to travel to Grand Session on your own. Kindness in action.  If you see someone going out of their way to exhibit our watchwords, send me a message so they can be recognized for being extraordinary too.  If you would like to earn points in the Bethel Duck Challenge, Honoured Queens can email Mrs. Peatman with the answer to where you can find our watchwords.  Hint: It’s  in the ritual – tell her who says it and when they say it.

Well, I’m off to Victoria to present a CAV class to 7 adults on the Island.  Yesterday, Mrs. Costa, Mrs. Crockart and I gave a presentation to 20 adults in Abbotsford.  This is very exciting news.  This means we are growing and we have adults willing to give their time to support our Bethels.  Thank you to all who attended and thank you to the Daughters who asked their parents to be part of their Jobie adventures.

Life’s a happy song, when there’s someone by your side to sing along,

Mrs.  Hasegawa, Grand Guardian