Hi Everyone!  I’m excited to share my adventures with you as Miss BCJD 2020!

These past few months have been amazing. After I was crowned Miss BCJD in May, I started to attend as many zoom meetings as possible. My first meeting was at Bethel 52. Like always, there were many laughs. Throughout the month I also attended Bethels 26, 48 and 20. I had a great time at each meeting and even got to meet some of the girls in Prince George for the first time! I was also able to visit Bethel 9 in Winnipeg Manitoba for their International Friendship meeting. This was an incredible experience as some of the ceremony was translated into Portuguese!   After the meeting, around one hundred daughters tested our knowledge in a game of Kahoot! Over half of the girls answered every single question correctly. The competition quickly turned into who could select the correct answer the fastest. I quickly climbed in the rankings and ended in first place. Another International event that I attended was the Tri-Youth Town Hall.  It was lead by the International leaders of Rainbow Girls, Demolay and Job’s Daughters. It was so interesting to learn about the different organizations and how they are navigating through this pandemic. We also played a few games throughout the meeting. One of the highlights of May was the Grand Bethel Meeting and draw as well as their installation. I was so excited to find out who would complete our Grand Team. I almost screamed with joy when Chloe was drawn. The Installation was a very interesting experience through a zoom call and the final video that was shown to everyone was amazing.

June was filled with addendas and Installations. The month started out with Bethel 48s addenda which was my last meeting as Honored Queen. I also attended Bethels 21, 52, 37, 22 and 20. GBHQ Chloe, Miss Idaho Jobs Daughter Victoriah and I also got to host the BC and Idaho fun event! We played a game of Kahoot that had general jobie knowledge as well as Jobie information from both Idaho and BC not many people attended but we had a great time regardless. I was also able to give a speech to some of the Masons. I told them about all of the things that we have been doing during the pandemic! Then we started with Installations. The day before bethel 48s Installation, my mom and I drove around and delivered cake pops to the girls and adults of Bethel 48 as well some special people who were planning on attending our Installation. It was so great to see some of you in real life. I also attended the Installations of Bethels 11, 21, 36, 63, 26 and 52s bingo night. My own Bethel also had our Neufeld Farms delivery so I got to see more Jobies and load their cars full of boxes. 

July has been a lot more quiet. The Senior Princess of my Bethel organized a movie night for us. We watched the original Jumanji movie. I was also invited to attend Brazil’s Jobie Jamboree that was in place of their Grand Sessions. They had a DJ playing music over the zoom call before the ceremony. Someone from every Jobie country was there. I was very honoured to be asked to give a tribute to the Canadian flag. They had a beautiful ceremony and it was translated into English for us with captions and chat messages. It was truly something to remember. This month is also the month of Supreme! I have been watching the videos going out daily from the 28th till August 1st. Some of the things that I have been up to are trying to train my bunny into doing some tricks! So far I have gotten him to spin for a treat! I am also taking an online pre-calculus summer course. 

I wish you all a safe and happy summer and remember, nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!

Jobie Love,

Regan, MBCJD 2020