So, I am one month into being Miss BCJD and I feel as if I have been so busy and yet like I have done nothing at all. In the last month I have been to nine Bethel meetings which included three official visits, and two day trips to the island. I went to four other events which were either fundraisers or fun events. I have spoken for the Grand Master Barry Burch, attended an Eastern Star installation, a fundraiser for the Daughters of the Nile, and a celebration for Electa #20 Order of the Eastern Star’s 100th birthday. It has been an absolute joy so far and I cannot wait to see where the next 11 months will take me!

I have had so much fun travelling with my Grand Bethel counterpart Abbey, along with the Grand Guardian, Associate Grand Guardian, and multiple other members of the Grand Guardian Council. I have never done so much traveling in such a short amount of time and it has been so stressful. I finished my university semester on April 10th and then had three exams, while attending meetings and keeping organized.

I have already created so many memories and I am so excited for this next month which will include some parades, some sleepovers, and lots of fun!

See you soon!

Jobie love,

Miss Maia