Hello Jobie world! 

My name is Emma and I am your Miss British Columbia Jobs Daughter for this year ahead! It still feels a little crazy to think about it. When I first joined jobies back in 2011, I never would have imagined becoming Miss BC. I remember going to Grand Sessions that year and watching Regan S. win in the pageant and I had remembered how cool she had looked on stage. She had represented that year in jobies with so much poise and, as a ten year old, I admired how remarkable she presented herself. Throughout my many years I have learned and grown with the countless influences I had in my bethel! Some of them became Miss BC themselves. 

When I decided to compete for this year’s Miss pageant I didn’t take the decision lightly. There was so much I was considering, and I was worried I wouldn’t be the right fit for the position. But then I remembered how I got here today. And all those people I had looked up to as a kid. I thought about all the young girls that would be looking for their role models and someone they could turn to. This Order has changed my whole life for the better and I just knew I had to give it a chance. Fast forward to now, and I’m so grateful I took the opportunity when I had the chance to. I get to inspire girls the way I was once inspired.

My goal is to promote our Order and get the rest of BC that are missing out on Job’s Daughters to start witnessing just how amazing of an Order we are. 

“The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability. Anyone can be anything, you can be everything!” 

Miss BCJD Emma 2021