So where do I begin? Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to visit different bethels over zoom! It was very special to see how each bethel in BC did something different to keep everyone entertained while still online! I had a few origami lessons from Bethel 52, got to learn more about our province through presentations from Bethel 22 and got to learn and hear a song about a Jackalope from Bethel 26! 

As summer arrived so did Supreme Sessions! I had the privilege to compete in the Miss International Job’s Daughters Pageant alongside 57 other amazing contestants. All the contestants that participated wrote the test had the interview and reviewed a messenger a couple of weeks before we found out the results.

When the day came for when everyone would find out who would become the new Miss International I thought it would be a pretty relaxing day. A couple of hours before the pageant was about to start I got a knock at the door. Turns out someone started a fire in the park that was in my neighbourhood and everyone in the vicinity had to evacuate. 

Now with little time before the pageant, I was trying to figure out where I could go. The first person that came to mind was my partner in crime: BC’s Grand Bethel HQ Robyn! With no time to spare I grabbed my formal dress, my laptop, any makeup and hair supplies that I needed and drove from my house in Mission all the way to Chilliwack! 

When I arrived we quickly got to work on setting up and soon enough the pageant had started! It was really cool how everything was being broadcasted around the Jobie world! The introductions that each contestant had were very special and showed each person’s characteristics and charm! I was lucky enough to place in the top 15! 

At some point during the pageant, there was an intermission. They played music to get the crowd excited, and of course, I danced along on-screen. I didn’t know this at the time but the only other person that danced along to the music with me is our new Miss International Job’s Daughter Bethany!

It was such an awesome and surreal moment to be able to participate in this year’s pageant! I want to thank all of BC for all the love and support I got leading up to the pageant!

-Miss BCJD 2021 Emma