FRIENDS. Did you know that the Associate Supreme Guardian is from CANADA?! How about the new SBHQ? And your Miss International is from the jurisdiction of Queensland, AUSTRALIA. That makes our Supreme Team truly represent Job’s Daughters’ international friendship. I am so excited for all of us to be working with Tim McIsaac (ASG), Pat Pelham (SG), Paige Abrahamson (SBHQ), and Taila Gouge (MIJD)!

I had the pleasure of getting to know Taila pretty well over the week and she is a truly remarkable young woman and will represent our Order with grace and pride. She was also named this year’s Miss Congeniality. P.s. You can find Taila singing on YouTube for the Australian version of The Voice!

Thank you all for your kind words and your messages of encouragement! Although I was not one of the 10 finalists, I was awarded with a trophy for the highest written test mark out of the 30 Misses who competed this year. I am pretty proud of myself and am encouraged to know that many of you are proud of me also! You truly are the best jurisdiction!

image1Supreme Session is a crazy week every year! There’s always so much to do. This year I went on a tour to Frankenmuth which is a little Bavarian themed town across the state from Grand Rapids. During that tour, myself and a PHQ from Oregon rode waterslides in Splash Village and in addition to the water fun, my mom and I wandered around a Christmas store that is open 361 days a year and is the size of FOUR FOOTBALL FIELDS. It
was nuts and I was in heaven. Aside from pageant, that store was probably the highlight of my trip, to be honest. The rest of the week was just hanging out with girls from around the world.

Next year, we are headed to Pennsylvania with tours into New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and Philadelphia. I want to take this opportunity to encourage the daughters of BC to think about starting to save
up for this. I know a lot of you have never thought about coming to a Supreme session, but I can tell you from experience that it is the BEST thing I have done as a daughter. Throughout that week, you are surrounded with young women from around the world who share this organization with you and quite often there are many girls who share the same interests and experiences as you. I honestly cannot explain what an awesome experience it is to hangout with ladies from all over. Supreme is like Grand sSssion times like 1000. Get your Bethel Buds together and let’s show the world how BC rolls!!

Good luck in all of your new stations as September starts. I always love first meetings because it’s the first time you’re actually in your new station. I think it’s fun to see the meeting from a new spot in the room for the first time.

I hope you ladies are getting pumped up for International Day and All Jobie Weekend!! See you there!

“It is not enough to be friendly. You have to be a friend.” RJ Palacio, Wonder

Miss Meghan