Well, are you in the swing of things yet?! So stoked to be back into Jobies for the Fall and I hope you all are too!

My adventures have been quiet since my last post, but the biggest thing to let you all in on is International Day :)

This year the Grand Bethel meeting was held in Washington and I know many of us stopped to shop a little on the way down and on the way back home (I know the GG and I did!). The meeting was fabulous! The Washington Grand Team has started letting the girls be more involved in the planning of the day, so the ceremony was actually written by the Guide and a representative of the Washington Grand Bethel, it was really a nice ceremony about sisterhood and friendship!

The meeting was followed by a dinner and a huge dance party. Washington dances are nuts, they always play crazy line dance songs that I’m laughing too hard to dance to most of the time. My personal favourite is the wobble one where you hang and shake your body forward and then backward. It’s ridiculous and really the most fun dance! Fun fact: they also do the time warp different than us!

Now that we were all exhausted from dancing the night away, we moved 20 minutes down the road to the sleepover in Bothell. We slept in Bethel #77’s lodge which is where Miss WAJD Avary is from! She showed us all the secrets.

I had a really great time spending time with our Washington sisters, as I do every year. I really hope the girls who attended International Day took advantage of this opportunity to make new friends and reunite with old ones! To the ladies who couldn’t make it this year, I really hope you’ll be able to be a part of the day next year when it’s a little closer to home :)

I’m gearing up for the last couple Official Visits of the term and I hope to see some of you there!

OH! Bethel #11: I am so sorry I couldn’t get to your Official Visit. I heard that you performed a beautiful ceremony and I’m going to try to get out to you for an installation! Love you guys <3

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” – Roald Dahl

Miss Meghan