Join us for fun, friendship, helping others and the chance to learn more about life!

Do you like meeting new friends?

So do we! Have the chance to travel to meet and learn with girls from around the world!

Do you like doing fun things?

We do too! Have fun at swimming parties, dances, movie nights, sleepovers, parades and much more!

Do you like to help others?

We raise funds for organizations in our communities and work at events to help others!

Do you like to learn and grow your skills?

We love to learn and grow! Learn leadership skills and how to plan events!

We learn by doing! There are lots of opportunities for fun and learning!

We love to have fun and make new friends! There are lots of social events and activities, like movie nights, swimming parties, parades and sleepovers. We learn how to be organized, how to run our meetings and plan our activities, and how to speak in front of a group. We each take a position in the group, such as the Treasurer – who keeps track of our money, or the Librarian – who reads a poem or teaches us about something interesting each meeting. As your skills grow you can put your name forward to be elected into leadership positions!

No matter what you look like, where you are from, where you live, what kind of clothes you wear, where you go to school or how “popular” you are – all members are equal. No member is more “important” than any other member. We believe that respecting our diversity strengthens our organization and our communities. 

Our members are 10 to 20 years of age and from all over the world! We have girls in Canada, the United States, Australia, the Philippines, and Brazil. Since our organization started in 1920 we have had over 1 million members!

Not quite 10 years old? We have a program for you too!

Join our “Jobie-To-Bee,” program and start getting involved in the fun and learning! You will get to know the other members, be invited to activities, as well as special events.

The Jobie-to-Bee program can be a girl’s first opportunity to branch out and start building leadership and service experiences at a young age. Jobie-to-Bees are provided with this, and more, with the choice to join as a Job’s Daughter once she reaches 10 years of age.