Girls today need role models who will empower and encourage them to do their best in life. Just like the adults who invested in your life, this is your opportunity to invest in the current membership. It takes many people to help BC Job’s Daughters grow and succeed. We look forward to you joining us and sharing your knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities! There are so many great opportunities for adults to learn skills and grow while supporting the girls.

Past members of Job’s Daughters:

It is often said to a new member that “what you put into Job’s Daughters is what you will get out it.” As a majority member, we ask you instead to “give back to Job’s Daughters what it helped you to gain.” Take a council position, teach members a skill or new idea, chaperone events, provide financial advice to Bethels, help cook food for an event, or donate goods or funds to the organization. There are so many great opportunities for you as an adult!

Let’s stay in touch! Reconnect with your bethel and let them know your current address, stay active while in college with the bethel that’s near your home/school, or connect with a new bethel if you move.